Sunshine Ranches Homeowners Association

Sunshine Ranches is a small, rural town in South Florida.

Scope of Work
Develop and implement an integrated digital strategy with the goal of attracting new residents and encouraging community cohesiveness.

Our role encompassed:

  • Strategic planning meetings with the Sunshine Ranches HOA President and VP to understand their priorities and goals for the community
  • Collaborating with the HOA team on a rebrand for Sunshine Ranches community – encompassing new logo development, color scheme, and branding guidelines – as well as new newsletter design and development
  • Posting engaging content across Facebook & Instagram relating to: community news, features, events
  • Responding to questions, comments, and concerns posted on Sunshine Ranches’ social media channels and review sites
  • Engaging with Sunshine Ranches’s staff and online community to build trust, facilitate engagement, and encourage user-generated photos
  • Generating monthly activity reports to share with the President and VP for continued improvement


  • 35% month-over-over month increase in new “likes and follows” on Facebook
  • 25% increase in neighborhood inquiries
  • Increase in positive comments from residents
Timeline: March 2015 – March 2017. Eventually trained key stakeholders at the Sunshine Ranches HOA to take over the social media responsibilities.

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