Nada Debs is a contemporary furniture designer based in Beirut, Lebanon.
We copyedited her biography and artistic concept.


Nada Debs is the creator of the ‘East & East’ furniture line. The two Easts represent the lavish warmth of Arab expression, combined with the cool minimalism and restraint of Japanese design.


Born in Lebanon, raised in Japan, and educated in the US – Nada Debs’ multi-cultural influences have all had a hand in her distinct style – most prominently, the Japanese minimalist approach to architecture and interiors.

Debs earned her Bachelors in Interior Design from the highly acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design. Her subsequent move to the UK inspired Debs to create her first line of custom made furniture. The ancient technique of wood marquetry became the hallmark her collection, which can still be seen in her work today.
After a 40 year absence, Debs returned to her native Lebanon – determined to revive local artisanship in a way that would culturally resonate with her cosmopolitan clientele. Debs founded Nada Debs Furniture and Design in 2000. Her modern interpretation of Arab aesthetics positioned her as a leading contemporary designer in the Middle East.
Today, Debs has two retail outlets based in Beirut, and her collection is represented in New York, Dubai, Switzerland, Egypt, and Jordan. Currently, she is working on several interior design projects throughout the Middle East.
Project date: 2012