Cellar 313

Cellar 313 is the first wine bar to open in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Scope of Work

Develop and implement an integrated digital strategy with the goal of increasing exposure and driving foot traffic to Cellar 313.

Our role encompassed:

  • Strategic planning meetings with the owner to discuss Cellar 313’s business model, operations, and growth objectives
  • Hiring/directing photographer to shoot menu items and lifestyle photos for social media campaigns
  • Posting engaging content on Facebook & Instagram relating to: new and existing menu items, staff features, customer features, beverage trends, Grosse Pointe community news
  • Engaging with Cellar 313’s online community to build trust, facilitate engagement, and encourage user-generated photos, and position the owner as a key figure in the Grosse Pointe food and beverage scene
  • Collaborating with liquor representatives and internal teams around the ideation, promotion, and execution of themed menus, dinners, and special events
  • Identifying opportunities for integrated brand/influencer partnerships and positive PR
  • Presenting internal teams with feedback from online reviews in an effort to facilitate an improved guest experience
  • Generating monthly activity and feedback reports to share with internal teams for continued improvement

Timeline: March 2019 – July 2019


  • 25% month-over-month increase in likes/follows and engaged Facebook users
  • 50% month-over-month increase in likes/follows and engaged Instagram users
  • Increased exposure, foot traffic, and event attendance

Links: www.facebook.com/Cellar313


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