Belding Cleaners

Belding Cleaners was founded in 1918 in Detroit and relocated in 1929 as Grosse Pointe’s first dry cleaners. They have remained leaders in both outstanding quality and customer service for over 100 years!

Scope of Work

Develop and implement an integrated digital strategy with the goal of increasing ‘pick up and delivery’ business and driving foot traffic to Belding Cleaners.

Our role encompasses:

  • Strategic planning meetings with the owner to discuss Belding Cleaner’s business model, operations, and growth objectives
  • Posting engaging content on Facebook & Instagram relating to: Belding’s history in the community, new and existing services, cleaning expertise, and fashion trends
  • Collaborating with the owner on the most effective way to communicate COVID-19 business services & updates
  • Engaging with Belding’s online community to build trust, facilitate engagement, and encourage user-generated photos
  • Identifying opportunities for integrated brand/influencer partnerships and positive PR with high end retailers, fashion and beauty influencers, and other local businesses in the community
  • Introducing effective giveaways to increase following and engagement while highlighting Belding’s expertise and services
  • Responding to questions, comments, and concerns posted on Belding’s social media platforms and review sites
  • Presenting the owner with feedback from online reviews in an effort to facilitate an improved dry cleaning experience
  • Generating monthly activity and feedback reports to share with internal teams for continued improvement

Timeline: February 2020 – Present


  • 25% month-over-month increase in likes/follows and engaged Facebook users
  • 100% month-over-month increase in likes/follows and engaged Instagram users
  • Increased foot traffic, sales/service inquiries, pick-up & delivery registrations


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